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Your box, just got bigger. Have you ever heard the common phrase, ‘think outside the box’, as a notion that we should open our minds to new ideas and solutions, and in order to do so, we should stop for a moment and consider solutions that seem unimaginable. Well, this is not how things function in the world of programming code. Our world is set in rules of codes, dashes, slashes, backslashes, lines, numbers, figures and points. There you know the procedures and rules necessary to succeed in achieving functional, operational and efficient results. But beyond ones and zeroes, what makes code is how the author, designer, or programmer rethinks it, maximizes its potential, and challenges borders and digits, in order to develop improved solutions. We use code to bring you innovative ideas and open up new horizons in programming, analytics, and web and application design, to show you: there is a lot more inside that box. If you want to try this approach…your box, just got bigger with DASH-




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